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Rules and Requirements

Please carefully review entry rules and requirements to avoid disqualification. The GKC-PRSA PRISM Judging Committee will disqualify entries that do not meet all guidelines described below.

1. Eligibility

The Greater Kansas City Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America PRISM Awards competition is open to PRSA members and non-members. Entrants must practice within the standard metropolitan statistical area of Kansas City, including Jackson, Clay, Platte, Ray and Cass counties in Missouri, and Wyandotte and Johnson counties in Kansas. GKC-PRSA members residing in eastern Kansas or central and western Missouri, in cities such as Columbia, Lawrence, Topeka or Wichita, are also eligible.

2. Timing

Each entry must be a public relations program or project that occurred between June 1, 2017 and May 1, 2018. The judging committee recognizes that programs often do not fit neatly within this window, so leeway is afforded. For example, if the substantial majority of work occurred during this time frame, but a major outcome/event occurred shortly thereafter, it may be entered this year. Similarly, if a program spans multiple years, but major outcomes were achieved during the eligibility period, it may be entered.

3. Entry Deadlines and Fees

Entries must be submitted and paid in full by one of the dates listed below. Entries may be paid by check or credit card. 

Entry Deadlines and Fees
Entries will not be accepted after 5 p.m. on June 30.


Member Price*

Non-Member Price*

Early Bird: Pay and submit by Thursday, June 1, 2018



Regular: Pay and submit by Friday, June 8, 2018



    *Solo pros and students receive 10% discount. Please email GKC PRSA to receive a coupon code

    4. Submissions

    Submissions, including Collateral Materials, can be no longer than 50 pages. A typed executive summary of no more than two pages must accompany each submission. Submissions that exceed 50 pages will be disqualified from consideration. Attachments under Collateral Materials Upload are limited to no more than three (3) relevant files. Consider consolidating multiple photos, videos, documents, or other items into PDF, PowerPoint, or .zip form to submit a complete entry. If you are referencing something in your Collateral Material to another page, please link to that page for clarity. Please consult the sample scoring sheets for guidance to prepare a strong entry.

    Summaries must include:

    Background: Include a short description of the company or organization for which you completed the program or project as well as other background information that will help the judges evaluate your entry.

    Research: Summarize research conducted or gathered for the project, and show how that research helped define your goals, objectives, strategies and target audiences.

    Planning: State the goals and measurable objectives of the program or project, along with the intended impact on the target audiences and, by extension, the organization.

    Implementation: Describe the strategies, techniques and tools used to meet the objectives. What key messages did you convey, and why? What, if any, challenges did you overcome? Include the project's timetable and budget. What extraordinary circumstances did you overcome?

    Evaluation: Detail success by matching outcomes to the objectives. Discuss the impact of the program on the target audience and organization. How did you measure results? Did you meet the timetable and budget? If not, why?